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Bellairsia is an independent online presence celebrating the life and works of author John Bellairs - and we've been at it for 20 years.

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We've promoted John Bellairs's life and works, encouraged the enjoyment of his novels as well as those completed and continued by Brad Strickland, and provided useful information to readers, scholars, and fans. Bellairsia also features biographical information on the self-proclaimed "famous author" including the books of the Bellairs Corpus, inspirations from John's hometown of Marshall, Michigan, and why he was quoting Chaucer on national television. Really. In accurate Middle English.


This site first went online on Feb. 20, 2001, as The Dullard's Bane to complement the (now former) CompleatBellairs (1996-2004). Our ambitious aim at the time was to be the “scourge of idleness and sloth” by investigating the myriad of historical and literary trivia and allusions found throughout John’s writings. By June we were investigating John himself. It had been a decade since his death and we felt someone needed to begin interviewing people who knew him before they, too, were gone. We felt since no one else had begun such a project we were as good as anyone to become biographers. Armchair biographers, of course. By the end of the year we decided to blend the various projects together under a new name. This proposed name was meant to be temporary because we were sure something better-sounding would come along. All these years later we're still calling ourselves Bellairsia. We think it fits -- and we don't want to change the URL.

And here we are. And after 20 years, here you've been, too. Thank you.

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